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2 Free Marketing Apps For Your Trade Business

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HVAC+R is more of a much needed service than it is an optional commodity for customers. People need to stay cool in the hot dog days of summer, warm in the bone chilling winter, and store/restaurant owners depend on keeping their products cold with dependable refrigeration equipment, and of course technicians that know what the hell they’re doing. With such a flooded market, how can so many HVAC+R companies, including you, build their brand and win the business with new customers? The short-term answer: free marketing. The long-term answer?

Brand positioning

Brand positioning is simply understanding your target customer and what your competition is doing WRONG. You create a plan to make that right, but utilize the internet to your advantage. Now the precious art of digital marketing comes in to play. How do you leverage your digital marketing efforts to build your brand over the competition, and is it feasible? The short term answer: Yes, but it’s not over night. The long term answer: Hell yes.

The untapped potential and leverage that exists right now for utilizing digital marketing for your service business to promote growth is astounding.

With so many free and paid platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to know what’s best for your business. You’re busy with customer service and working close with your team. Now let’s cut to the chase. we’ll begin with the best (free) social media platform heading into 2020 for your trade/HVAC+R business. Google My Business. Yes, after researching the new features and overall intentions of GMB, I’ve decided that it’s truly a new social media platform that small businesses need to take advantage of while it’s still available as free marketing!

1. Google My Business

Google My Business offers a convenient way to track how many users see your business during a Google search including map views of your location and how much activity surrounds views of your content (photos, specials).

google search
About 10 or even 5 years ago, the first thing a prospective customer will do when considering your business is give you a call. They may have found your number on a business card or obtained one through word of mouth (classic free marketing). That was the first and most powerful form of communication that went down back in “those days”. Today, we all Google a business before we do anything else. We run a search on the search engine giant to find websites, social media accounts, contact information and reviews. It’s the number one thing that we use. Don’t kid yourself, you know you do too!

Google My Business, founded in 2016, is a new way to create and customized your business page through Google. It allows searchers to see important details about your business such as hours and locations. You can interact with customers by asking for reviews and engaging with them through a messaging feature. GMB can honestly be viewed as a new social media tool. It works well with HVAC digital marketing solutions and other specialty trade contractor’s growth interests.

With GMB being free and directly associated with Google,  it’s simply a great free way to tell Google what you do is best for customers searching for your service offerings. Running ads can be done through Google AdWords, but creating a free GMB account doesn’t do anything but good when considering your ROI. The only asset, which is the most important, is your time, but it’s Free marketing!


About GMB


What’s First?

Sign up with Google My Business and choose to verify your business. This is done by Google sending you a post card to your location and entering the code online to let them know you exist (or email and phone options for select businesses). Next, fill out all the information you can on your profile, including: your service area, hours, phone number, website URL (don’t have a website?) and description.

Features of GMB

ad photo to google my business page
You can add photos your account where they will become available to users searching Google for things your business offers. You can set up a welcome offer that will help convert page followers to customers. This is done by offering them a special discount. Welcome offers through GMB are equivalent to coupons and unique offers that can be quickly accessed by customers when searching for heating and cooling services. Having promotions and eye-catching ads for easy view will prove to have a high ROI when considering it’s free marketing.

Adding Photos

google my business photos free marketing
Adding photos can enhance customer experience when searching for services you offer. When your company shows up next to a competitors, interested customers will click on each tab to learn more about your business. When they do, they have quick access to your photos of recent jobs without having to click through to your website and search for that content. Very convenient and beneficial when customers are looking for a great heating & cooling company on the fly. Don’t underestimate the power and reach of Google. Ever.

View Statistics

google my business account hub
Google My Business offers a convenient why to track how many users see your business during a Google search including map views of your location and how much activity surrounds views of your content (photos, specials). This data can be collected and used for your digital marketing campaigns. Free marketing, free data. It can’t be beat.

2. Facebook

Facebook has roughly over 2 billion monthly active users. That’s right, no BS, 2 billion active users. That’s amazing seeing there’s around 7 billion people that exist on earth. If you’re a fan of Facebook or not, it’s a fact that the reach to advertise and interact with current and potential customers is absolutely amazing.

When it comes to paid advertising, Google dominates, but Facebook comes in a strong second when considering that amount of people you can target with paid ads. With an easy to use budget payment system, it’s easy to test ads and see what works and what doesn’t when running ads on Google in the future. You don’t want to begin to start running Google ads until you’re comfortable with what works and what doesn’t. Facebook offers a sleek and professional ad interface that can be customized to your brand, and provides a much cleaner test environment when considering cost.

What’s First

setting up promotions facebook ad management
Create a Facebook Business Page and fully customize it. Add hours, location, phone number, website URL and anything else you find appropriate to correctly portray your business as the authority in your area. Unlike an unhappy homeowner that wants to attempt to fix their own equipment before they contact you, it’s easy to deal with.

An ongoing promotion will include Facebook generating data through questions about your business and suggest what type of ads you should run. Set an average daily budget and Facebook will use the best photos on your page to use in the ad.

Facebook Ads That Work

facebook ads
Running an ad on Facebook can seem intimidating, even if you’re computer savvy, but it’s achievable. There are plenty of great YouTube videos that will make you an expert in no time. You can create/publish a post relating to your business and Facebook will give you the option to “Boost Post”. Creating great ad copy is an art, and grabbing the attention of Facebook users in order to have them stop scrolling and look at what your ad is offering is the winning formula to a converted customer.

Need a social media account manager?

Search for a quality digital marketing team that is detail oriented and always ensures things are just right before going live and analyzing important metrics following an ad campaign. The right type of company will want to look out for your best interests, and understand they can’t grow if you’re not. All their work has to be tracked and proven effective. A good HVAC marketing company will have experience in the trade from both sides of the wholesale counter, understanding the way the trade works and studying certain trends and buying habits

Promote Locally

promote business locally facebook free marketing
The “Promote Your Business Locally” option allows you to run ads that target customers in your local area, providing a radius feature, age bar and gender options. You can then set a “Call-to-Action” option. This allows you to choose from Call Now, Save, Send Message (Facebook Messenger App), Learn More and Like Page.  You then can set your daily budget ($1 being the lowest) and the duration that the ad will run. If you’re utilizing Instagram, Facebook will give you an option to run the ad on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

The potential to run a Facebook ad and have organic (free) reach through Google My Business is a great tool. It’s also a free marketing resource to have entering 2020. The way marketing is done continues to change as technology improves and market demand shifts. The only way to stay and remain ahead of your competition is to have a strong online presence. Facebook, providing a free business page, and Google My Business are two great social media apps to utilize. This will provide a strong start for your trade/HVAC+R business, or any business. Customers will start and end with Google and social media, finding you through specific search criteria.

If you’re not sure if social media is right for you, contact us today and we can go over why that’s a huge mistake. It’s a great time now to start creating and rebuilding your social footprint and becoming an internet go-to in your market. A great brand starts with social media and reaching customers that never knew you existed!

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