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3 Quick Reasons Updating Your Website Works

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Most businesses have a website. Most keep them current – but what about the ones that don’t? No, you won’t lose a ton of business and it really won’t change your day-to-day operations. What it does do is show you’re professional in a digital sort of way. Good branding is always keeping current with your customers, even when no one is looking. It’s the digital integrity of your business. Here are 3 quick reasons why updating your website is great for business.

1. Updating your website is professional

A well-kept website and social media profiles will show customers you’re always representing your business to its fullest potential. It shows them you care so much for your business and image you’ll care enough for theirs if your B2B or you’ll care about their home or overall well-being if B2C. Have you ever seen copyright on the bottom of a website and noticed it’s from 2004? It dates your image and services. The entire story the website has to offer is instantly discredited by its dating itself. Maybe I’m the only one that takes notice of that sort of stuff – but why risk it? Contact your website management professional to keep things fresh and up-to-date. It doesn’t hurt!

2. Customers know what you’re up to

If you’re always updating your services and constantly accomplishing great things, your website should be able to tell that story for you. Even if your business comes mainly from word of mouth (the king of marketing and spreading greatness!), updating your website for those few strangers who end up on it is a pro. The cons definitely outweigh the pros. Maybe a customer has an excellent experience with your business and they want to follow up by checking out your website, you should be online with current information.

3. Updating your website makes Google notice

If your website returns top search results for certain keywords and/or pops up in the local search pack, an updated website is Google gold. When Google crawls and indexes your website, they notice the changes and updates make – or don’t. Ensuring your website is current with listed hours, services, products, and contact information will do nothing but good things for your website and web presence.

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