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4 Ways We Wrongfully Define Success

Life seems to grow in complexity as we age, and as we age we explore new ways to acquire skills, tools and detailed plans on how we can tackle new issues as they arrive into our lives. The idea of a complex life is intimidating and can present itself as a threat, as something we must avoid at all costs. We naturally are attracted to living comfortably, doing things the same way we have been for years. Our life, the more simplistic, the easier. That’s the idea that we all seem to abide by. When considering the rate in which we grow as human beings, how we expand as people is measured by how we are displaced from the comfort zone. Every great stride, invention and innovation we have achieved was done through challenging ourselves to something different and new that we’ve never seen before. I reflect on this as someone who currently is finding success within, by realizing what I have right now in life is far more valuable than anything that I can achieve later on. I can reflect on my morning, realize opportunity wakes with me. I identify things that happened the day before and the lives that I interacted with, and I locate a smile that represents everything that success is really about when thinking of close loved ones. Life is a puzzle that provides us much opportunity, and without realizing that waking up and taking your first breath is your greatest opportunity, it’s a puzzle that’s bound to remain unsolved. Simplicity is a gift that when recognized, can slow down the chaos in life and reveal the reason we’re here, similar to a message written in the sand after a high tide. Filter the noise and embrace the new day. The following are four subjects most confuse success with. I now understand that these things are merely on the surface and are secondary results in life that we can achieve through hard work alone. The primary starts with realization that we have amazing opportunity and success has already been found. Realizing the start and the journey are equally as important as the end goal are vital points to true success, a combination that produces results.

Success is Popularity

When in the workplace or among friends and family, the goal is to always impress and hold a stature of physical achievement and financial stability. We brag about status by showing our cars, our homes, jewelry, clothing and so many other things. The difference between enjoying things and loving our things becomes dangerously intertwined, and the idea of what we have outside of who we really are within is now cloudy.


Our opinions of others are clouded by the way we see ourselves. When negative feelings and uncertainties exist, we try to relate similar discrepancies in others and compare and contrast. Material items provide a false sense of security and status, when in reality others don’t appreciate those things the way we believe they do. Popularity has nothing to do with true success. Most of us chase the idea that success is something at the end of the road that we have to work towards, when really it starts by recognizing success is something we already have every day.

Success is a Degree

Modern society has always pushed the idea of going to college ASAP and obtaining a degree if you’ve ever wanted to get somewhere in life. It pushes an agenda that the only source of great information to shape your brain for the better is available through academic teachings. For some, they find great financially success and have great careers, yet for those who struggle with confidence issues, college can quickly present itself as difficult and unachievable.


College is a great place to earn a degree and have amazing credentials to start exciting careers in many fields. The ideology of college or bust is simply not true. People like to heavily criticize the digital age and how cell phones and the internet are ruining our minds, similar to drugs and alcohol. This is true, but the difference is technology can be and has greatly beneficial to strengthening mankind. The vast amount of information of the web can provide many people with resourceful traits a great place to learn. College is also an excellent source of discipline and can provide great resources and a structured system that puts a lot of students on the path to financial success. Overall and personal success is much more complex than a college degree, but college education can benefit many if utilized properly. Challenging yourself to obtain a degree and strictly follow demanding schedules to satisfy school/life demands can greatly benefit our work ethic.

Success is Salary

How much money do we make? If someone makes 100k a year, and another person is pulling in 30k, does that mean that person is automatically happier? The deception of society can lead us to believe that money equates to true happiness. It’s amazing to see some people who don’t pull in great sums of money at their job, or are homeless on the street and are able to produce a smile and an upbeat attitude towards life. It makes no sense at first glance, but venturing underneath each layer of its visual complication it presents, we can unveil that happiness is much more than a number in a bank account.


Climbing the ladder and achieving new positions and related salaries are amazing opportunities that should be embraced. The type of ladder climbed is the focal point. Ensuring we remain humble and never step over others to achieve that success is the key difference. Money and a salary can only do one thing, provide money and a steady salary, which are essential ingredients to paying bills and supporting a family. The truth is happiness and success can be found with or without a job, as a corporate leader or minimum wage employee. Success on the surface is money, yet underneath it can be defined by so many other traits and actions. Would you consider someone with a truck load of money who ignores the needs of others more successful than someone with little/no money who extends a helping hand when those around them need it the most? Being kind can make a lasting impact on someone. Exampling stability in your own life and going out of your way to do the right thing is the true measure of success.

Success is Power

A lot of us will believe that those who are in a managerial position, or in a higher government position of power are much more linked to success than those of us who work regular jobs. Are value as human beings is depreciated because we simply don’t lead others, we don’t have a large checking account and we aren’t famous or even locally recognized.


We may feel powerless at times, but we ultimately have the power to make any decision possible to alter any outcome. This in turn is the key to waking up in the morning and truly understanding that opportunity is in the power of our choices. The power to control our choices and the moment right now carries the most influence. Those with a managerial position and have leader responsibilities must understand that working together is the key to success. Success isn’t the power that we have over others, but the power that we have to influence our own lives.


Take a look at what success means to you. Ignoring the first step to restructure your way of thinking before taking on any new task will eventually lead you back to the start of the journey. Finding peace among chaos is a cumbersome task, yet we have what it takes within to find it when it truly matters. Success isn’t something that you have to work tirelessly for, stressing your brain, body and the ones you love to achieve. Conditioning ourselves to knowing what it takes mentally is the first step. The following steps are hard work that’s derived from the first step. Being aware of the road ahead and facing it with calm and optimism will provide us with a running start and an advantage that no one else possesses. Being conscious of the fact that we’ve already won when starting a new race will guarantee any level of success we desire, effortlessly crossing the finish line and placing first.
Ask yourself one thing:
    1. Is the drive to “success” something that I’m working towards, or a sacrifice to my mental health and is negatively affecting relationships with those around me?

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