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5 Ridiculous Reasons We Don’t Improve Our Careers

Taking a firm step forward and venturing into unknown areas in life is always a scary thing to think about. The reality of failing can become too much and keep many people back. They fail to realize their full potential and ability to take a shot at success. The only real bad part of failing is not getting back up when life knocks us down.

The following is a list of 5 ridiculous reason we won’t try to improve our careers. How to fix them? It’s all up to you!

1. We’re Too Comfortable

The truth about being comfortable in your current position is it actually is possible to find a better job with a more lucrative salary while discovering a whole new comfort that you never knew existed. Assuming where you’re at professionally can’t get any better is a suffocating feeling that you won’t realize has been holding you back until years have gone by and opportunity is left behind.

Don’t let a job or company fool you into thinking there’s no reason to go back to school, apply for a better position (internally or externally) or discourage you from starting over new. Yeah, you may have years under your belt with the company, but are they properly compensating you for it? Chances are that they’re keeping you “happy” by rewarding your work efforts with comfort and low annual pay raises instead of a generous salary increase.

2. We Doubt Our Abilities

There’s no reason you can’t be someone thriving in a managerial position, if that’s something you’ve ever thought about doing and have an interest in. As long as you can breathe and have to show up to a place of work anyway, why not climb as high as you possibly can? This is a simple concept, and the long road to success is riddled with hard work and dedication. You have it in you, it’s just a matter of time when applying your ambitions and setting them into motion.


Doubt is more of a negative word that can be easily removed from your life, right along with “can’t” and “no”. Stop doubting yourself and the process of improvement; because at the end of the day it’s up to you to pay your bills and be the successful role model you always imagined being. The X factor here? Determination. Look up the definition and get to work.

3. We Allow Others to Discourage Us

There is nobody else that will pay your bills and take care of your responsibilities. There is only one person that can do those things; and that’s you. So allowing others to discourage us from wanting more for ourselves is simply ridiculous. Discouragement drives us back into the corner of a dark alley that provides us with a false sense of comfort and protection. It’s only a trap that keeps us from seeing everything the world has to offer us. Making excuses and coming up with reasons why we haven’t set out to accomplish something we want often comes from discouragement.

It’s all on you

Again, those who discourage us don’t pay our bills and therefore shouldn’t have any type of strong influence on our actions. Ignore their opinions because they’re going to form one no matter if you are successful or not. Just do everything you can to achieve everything you want. There is no other choice but to follow the path of positivity that leads to accomplishment.

4. We Let Management Keep Us Down

Knowingly or not, some individuals in a management role tend to spread the feeling that there’s nothing better than the position you’re in now. “The grass isn’t greener on the other side” is the feeling that they spread around the workplace. This may come in a passive manner. Either way, they don’t want to see employees leave under their leadership.

It can make them look bad to those above them. The hiring process can be tedious and time consuming, with no guarantee a new hire will do well. You improve their professional goals and happiness by sticking around as long as they can keep you. Why not work on your own goals and professional aspirations, instead of supporting everyone else’s?


So the answer to common problems for management? Never encourage new opportunities and career paths (especially with a new company). Allowing them to influence the goals we set out for ourselves will hinder any advancements and improvements that we all deserve to work towards in our life. Your boss may be flexible, kind and even a great leader, but following them blindly will only let you advance so far.

5. We Fear the Application Process

The application process can certainly be a daunting one. The reward is waiting for you at the end of the road and is well worth the effort. If you have a full-time job and are vigorously applying for a new opportunity with other companies in your spare time, consider yourself hard at work. If you land an interview, more than likely it’ll have to be during the day while you’re expected to be present at the job you currently have.

You can schedule your interview during your lunch break or take an early or late one. This helps to accommodate the recruiter’s schedule and change into your nice clothes in a phone booth. You then transform into the super version of yourself. Eliminate fear with confidence and assurance.

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