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A Rant About Crappy Leadership. Are You One Them? I’m Talking to You.

great managers are easy to notice over bad ones
From my own experience, as it may seem short to some, I’ve been in the American workforce for 17 years now. I’ve held an array of positions ranging from sweeping McDonalds floors, grill cook, lumber yard worker bee, HVAC distributer to a Quality Assurance professional and everything else in between. Although 17 years is laughable to many, I know the difference between a shitty manager and a great one. There are many traits that can be attributed to such a title to either type, such as self-entitlement or humbleness, but one thing remains clear. The companies that grow employ great leaders that inspire us to move and encourage growth among employees, and there are no buts about it. Either lead to make those around you better, or find another job where your terrible leadership traits will again be uncovered where you’ll find yourself looking on Indeed again falsely advertising yourself to some unsuspecting company (sorry Indeed users).


What’s This All About?

It’s about leaders and management that have terrible traits that don’t contribute to an overall team effort and forward progress. It’s about asking employees to do something you’ve never done and expecting something that you’ve never experienced yourself as the result. Bad management refuses the ideas and ways of others because they know it all. Nothing can find a way into their brain and memory bank because it’s not something they know, so it must not be useful. Here’s a terrific way to analyze if your one of the all knowing type of leaders, that are only toxic to the growth of the organization you work for. Who’s the first person you blame when something, anything, goes wrong whether you just started or have been in a leadership role for years?

Everything is your fault

Nothing can be traced to another employee, event or computer hick up no matter the circumstance. Did another employee screw up the spreadsheet and now time doesn’t exist before it’s time to deliver to your customer? Well, that’s YOUR fault. Did some crazy storm blow across the street your company is on and wipe out all of your data? Poor risk management on your part. Accept it as something you can improve upon. There is no situation that can’t be tracked back to a better designed management plan. Get to work and fix it.


Failure to Study Previous Success

Jumping into a new task or a new role entirely can seem scary and nothing short of an uphill battle. The first thing I imagine when placing myself in such a situation is to LEARN and STUDY what, if anything (there usually is something, even if it’s outside of your organization), has previously proven successful. It’s a excellent practice to study and even mirror things that have worked and are proven. It’s a complete failure to ignore what is in front of you when the fate of an organization’s success is in your hands. It’s the equivalent of going to the super bowl and ignoring 16 regular season games of footage and even the playoffs of your opponent. You go into the biggest game of the season not knowing anything about the other team. Your play calling will be nothing other than hail marys and QB sneaks on 1st and 10 and no defense. Don’t be subjected to a playing field of potholes and bear traps. You’ll lose. Investing in learning and acquiring the proven techniques and principles of new tasks and operations will help you dominate your competition, because there won’t be any to worry about.


Hoarding Information

This one cripples any relationship that leaders have with those underneath them. Information is everything in a business, and when things are kept away from employees, not only are relationships damaged from lack of trust, the potential and growth of the business is at risk. Knowing something that can help current tasks, projects and procedures will not help the overall scope and mission of the business. Information must be passed along freely and communication channels open and in place for employees at every level to connect efficiently. Are you a leader that holds valuable information to keep a “one up” on your employees in order for them to continue to depend on you for guidance, when they can be given something that expedites their work process?

Having to prove your worth as a leader through hoarded information isn’t leadership at all. Allow everyone to share and distribute the appropriate type of info and data to enhance the flow of the output. The fear of change can often lead to management with holding certain types of information and data in order to keep things in the state they’re in. Don’t be afraid of change, embrace it.

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