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Quality is often taken for granted when we consider our daily behaviors. When we wake up, we expect our coffee to be hot, and for it to taste great. Anything less will help us determine that it’s not up to standard, and a series of… Continue Reading…

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Success is often wrongfully defined. Here are ways how.

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great managers are easy to notice over bad ones
From my own experience, as it may seem short to some, I’ve been in the American workforce for 17 years now. I’ve held an array of positions ranging from sweeping McDonalds floors, grill cook, lumber yard worker bee, HVAC distributer to a Quality Assurance professional… Continue Reading…

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trent williams trade or contract restructure
Recent news that Trent Williams, arguably one of the best left tackles in football, wants a trade or a restructured contract is surprising. I decided to write this article as a huge fan of the Washington Redskins and business owner that is always researching brand… Continue Reading…

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to save or not to save in the economy
In a Nutshell Sometimes it’s important as a small business owner or as an American consumer to do research relating to our economic system. It’s interesting and insightful to learn and apply what we learn while gaining a general understanding of how our Country runs…. Continue Reading…

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What websites need
  By: Marquis Rawls Content Creator   In the age of technology and information, having a website for your business is almost essential. An online headquarter for anyone who fostered an interest in your company and brand. But just having a website isn’t enough to… Continue Reading…

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Never give up, and never, ever arrive. What do I mean by that? Well, let’s take a look at the word arrive. This is some career motivation that aims to inspire the champion in you. Arrive – Verb.Reach a place at the end of a… Continue Reading…

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A lot of companies are in the B2B area, offering an array of services to other businesses and thrive only when they thrive. Success is found through a strong sense of team work, leading to completed missions and satisfied clientele. Let’s take a look at… Continue Reading…

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quality leadership
The voice of quality can be a loud, convincing one if allowed and embraced into your daily business practices. Sure, we can consider “quality” just something that’s expected with everything we do relating to our lives. When it comes to your business operations, there’s no… Continue Reading…

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business utility
  3 Ways to Transform Your Business Into a Utility   We all have some sort of experience in dealing with businesses both large and small. We spend good money on electric and water for our homes; expecting nothing short of great quality outlets and… Continue Reading…

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