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How To Create a Free Facebook Business Page

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If you have a business, Facebook is a great place to show off vital business information for existing and new customers. When optimized and used effectively, a free Facebook business page is a useful tool to help keep current and prospective customers active with your business. As the world continues to shift towards the digital landscape with no signs of slowing down, there’s no more important time than now to have a strong online presence.

While logged in to a preferred, appropriate personal account, the steps listed below will help guide you with ease. The following instructions provide insight on how to create your free Facebook business page.

Let’s get started.

Step 1- Locate the Facebook business page website

Follow this URL:

free facebook business page

Step 2- Click on the “Create a Page” button

Create button for facebook business page

Step 3– Select “Business or Brand” or “Community or Public Figure” by clicking on the “Get Started” button

Note: For the purposes of this content, the clear choice is “Business or Brand”.

create a page - facebook business

Step 4– Choose a page name and a category for your business/brand and click the “Continue” button

Note: These features can be added at a later time.

choose business or brand fb biz page
community or public figure fb biz page

Step 5 (Optional)- Upload profile picture, cover photo or online bookings or choose the “Skip” or “Not Now” button

Note: These features can be added at a later time. Helping a business’s brand and online identity will heavily rely on these features. If a business page uses generic cover photos and profile pictures, users may feel the page is fraudulent or not active.

add a cover photo for fb business page
add a profile picture fb business
facebook add a booking feature

Step 6– Explore your new business home page! Attract new customers by uploading a cover photo and profile picture (if step 5 was not completed)

Note: Minding the size of the cover photo and profile picture is key to an optimized Facebook business page. Ensuring the logo/art fits and does not cut or is blurry and low quality will make the business page stand out.

Note: Editing the page after publishing it can be done at any time.

brand new fb free business page creation
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