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What is Facebook Marketing? HVAC Marketing Explained

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I’ve heard from many HVAC/R business owners that Facebook just doesn’t work when it comes to marketing. Running ads and boosting posts doesn’t help and there’s no ROI, just wasted time and discouragement. This is true if it’s viewed from a single sided debate. When it comes to Facebook advertising, there’s no equal to it’s importance to service-based companies today. As we quickly transition from traditional marketing methods to a fast-pace and highly demanding digital platform, marketing trends have shifted. From just quickly converting people to customers to more of an orchestrated process that aims to educate and build the brand authority of a service business, the methods of marketing have evolved. When time is invested and a general understanding that Facebook ads are more than getting phone calls, real conversion will be celebrated as Facebook users become aware of a service company’s online presence and human interaction — and not so much what they’re selling at first. That’s when brand starts to become a direct result of marketing.

Build Brand On Facebook

As a former counter expert at an HVAC/R distributor, I’ve seen everything from how the owners market their service business to how the customers spend their time online and what they see. build brand through social media engagementOperating as an wholesale-only business, we still received many phone calls and in-person visits from the homeowner who often asked for referrals from us, and we happily provided contact info for those we were loyal to. That question and general wonder can be satisfied well before the call to the distributor looking for a fan motor or a capacitor. It can be done by building your brand though Facebook marketing, helping homeowners connect with you fast. 

Creating videos

What people love to see is videos. It may be a tough thing to swallow, but you have to get your business out there through video, It generates the most engagement across the web. record content and share itCreating instructional/educational videos relating to your services such as the difference between pleated and fiberglass air filters or the differences in different equipment brands you offer can help build awareness around what you do. Taking time to do so can provide valuable insight to homeowners that will start to trust your expertise and quality work. Creating videos also helps establish a connection with prospective customers. You’ll become the expert before they even meet or speak with you. Welcome to 2019-2020!

Engaging & starting a group

Facebook loves when people comment and share content that’s published to their platform. It’s that simple. Facebook’s algorithm is based off of engagement, hell their entire business model is engagement. If your posts and engagement is boring to the point that no one interacts with it, Facebook will deem your page boring. Boring and a advertising company don’t mesh very well. They’ll ignore it and just won’t care.

Create a Facebook page. engage with users facebook marketing digital marketing servicesAnother way to generate conversation and engagement is to start a group that aims to provide value and create community. Promote and recruit customers/users to start talking about their air conditioning and heating issues, questions and everything else. being able to share through a group just geared towards their heating and cooling equipment, which is a huge home asset, will prove beneficial. Customers who don’t have a HVAC company are always looking for one. When they experiences issues with there equipment, a fire is lit underneath them. If your content is go-to and had provided any value to them through whatever type of engagement, they’re going to contact you first. Be the brand authority by engaging. 

What Not To Do

Don’t talk down to anyone (difficult users, negative comments, competition) or people will have a negative view on your business. It’s hard and takes a lot of time to build a great reputation, and minutes to destroy it, which is magnified 100X on the internet. don't do these things on social media as a businessBe an honest and straight-forward content creating company. Don’t expect a boosted post or general ad campaign to bring in a 100X return on investment. It could happen, however, but the fact is people don’t generally visit Facebook looking for services. They have little if any intention to buy, use Facebook to connect with others and basically lounge out. They go to Google when they want specific services or goods. That’s the major difference between running Google ads and spending money with Facebook, at least for the service industry. Understand the difference.

Keeping a clean business page

Spelling, structure, formatting, it’s all important. Professionalism does exist on Facebook. Quality is something that is spread among every area of your business, and just not your final delivered product. Ensure your cover photo, profile picture and all media fit in the boxes Facebook provides (even if it seems difficult to do, which it can be!).

keep facebook social media engagement clean
No cussing. Family homes is where you and your techs will be entering, not a bar. When I was in the field I remember thinking this, as an apprentice, and to this day I know there’s no place for it. When homeowners are surfing through Facebook they are doing so in their homes. Always maintain professionalism both in person and the digital landscape.

Facebook marketing is an investment

Generating conversation and building brand awareness for your business is what’s great for Facebook. Honestly, this can have a better long term benefit compared to Google or other direct advertising platforms. Facebook offers a cheap way to establish an authority in your market. invest with facebook advertising to build brand

If your local competition doesn’t utilize Facebook to showcase their services when so many people are using the platform, create avenues to build brand. Take advantage of everyone else not doing it. Don’t expect tons or return on investment from a lucrative stand point. Think of Facebook as your brand manager and a whole new perspective on how cheap and beneficial it is will become clear. Your customers are on Facebook, and you need to be too. 

Final Thought – The Counter Mentality

hvac counter professionalWorking behind the counter provides a unique perspective into the specialty trade world. We engage with the techs, owners, dispatch, vendors and directly with property managers, restaurant owners and homeowners. Marketing has changed over the years, and when the customer says they found a service company through Facebook, that’s something to not take lightly. Don’t be the company that refuses to utilize the social media revolution because you don’t believe in it. It doesn’t matter what you believe, it’s up to the consumer. The most cost-effective way to build brand awareness and strengthen your brand equity to optimize your Facebook business page and create ads to build community. There’s no reason to not build a brand through strategic Facebook marketing efforts. The platform is free and opportunity is huge. 


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