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HVAC Marketing Strategies – SWOT Analysis

hvac swot marketing strategy
Utilizing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis for your marketing efforts can prove beneficial. This contributes to long-term effective HVAC marketing strategies. Running ads on social media and creating blog content for your website can also work wonders for your brand when done consistently. Your content and logo are shown across the feeds of current and potential customers and satisfy their search intent. The more that technology advances and the ease of communication continues, the more your online presence will matter. Customers like to message you on your Google listing, text you and leave reviews that provide valuable feedback to more perspective customers. Leads are now focused around customer engagement, and not solely from advertising.


Benefits of creating a SWOT


A SWOT analysis can help amplify your marketing efforts and strengthen the results of your strategy. This harvested information can be repurposed to change where and when your ads and content are published and shared. Placing a focus on digital marketing while constructing your SWOT helps determine the best way to approach your marketing strategy. You may find that your offerings would do better on Instagram versus Facebook. This would be a good move if your strategy determined that posting a high of images was the best course of action in order to help strengthen your brand positioning.


Let’s look at each section of the SWOT analysis. There are both internal factors and external factors that are both helpful and harmful to the current state of the strategy. In the following example, we’ll look at a fictitious contractor called “Quality HVAC” that doesn’t do much marketing of their services. They utilize a Facebook business page and generate leads through word-of-mouth marketing (which will forever be the strongest, most valuable form of marketing). The idea is to explore digital marketing tactics and implementation to help strengthen the amount of people that are sharing the word of your services.




hvac marketing strategies strengths

Word-of-mouth & Facebook page


Strengths include a strong word-of-mouth presence. One quality job leads to another as people communicate through family and friends about the positive experience they experienced. This is great and is a strength that service-based businesses heavily rely upon to remain relevant to a potential customer’s service needs.


A Facebook business page is a great way to break into the online space. Most business owners are online in some form. When starting out, a free Facebook business page is a great place to share services, reviews and photos. When considering local search engine optimization, a shared and optimized Facebook listing can help you get seen quickly. This is a core element to successful HVAC marketing strategies.




hvac marketing strategies weaknesses

Not utilizing particular services


Under-utilizing other free listings. The main listing to take advantage of and to fully optimize now is Google My Business (GMB). Google is the worlds largest search engine and many people report using them before they choose their contractor. Even when word-of-mouth reaches them, they will then exercise navigational search intent. This means they know your name, and plug it into the search engine to learn more about you. That’s where a strong online presence comes into play. Google launched GMB to be the authority to providing their users with business information and map listings. Instead of users trusting sites like homeadvisor and angieslist, they want to be the best provider of accurate and quality business listings. Optimizing a GMB will show up on top of page rankings inside of the local search pack.


Google paid ads. If your sole intent is to grow and to grow fast, the best way to do so is invest in paid ads. Right now, Google Guaranteed provides contractors with a green check mark that places high in rankings, on the first page. This check mark comes with the guaranteed that the contractor the user clicks on will deliver great service and can make claims up to $2,000 if not. In order to grab a spot with a check mark, you’ll have to run background checks and provide your license number. More about Google Guaranteed & Google My Business.





hvac marketing strategies opportunities

Custom website, GMB & Instagram Listing


If a business is only utilizing a Facebook page, then the opportunities are vast. Building a custom website, creating a GMB listing, and even creating an Instagram account will help drive brand awareness and traffic to your name. Digital marketing is a bit different than traditional marketing means. The world has shifted from a sales pitch narrative to a more personable experience. Customers want to learn more about their home comfort, what makes their units run at full efficiency and what contractors provide the best all-around service. They want to do this from home, on their phones and in front of a computer.


Content that the competition doesn’t touch on is also an opportunity not often explored. When creating content to post to your website, optimizing the post with the right keywords will help Google understand your message and share it with their users to satisfy search intent. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and is an organic approach to ranking higher on Google search. Google has stated that rankings cannot be bought, only ads, meaning the organic ranking factor is only based on their algorithm. Creating great HVAC related content will ultimately help consumers, which makes search engines happy to pull your site more towards the top of the results. HVAC marketing strategies include having a strong online presence where customer engagement is high.




hvac marketing strategies threats

Competition strikes first


There are a lot of contractors who are utilizing Google Guaranteed, Google ads and organic SEO services. The biggest threat is losing business to another contractor who shows up in a search before you or has a listing that they can explore. I have found that many HVAC contractors in my area rank high, and with my 10 years of HVAC+R wholesale experience, they don’t deserve to be, from a quality standpoint. When that’s the case, creating quality articles and even providing users with videos to consume can make your web page and online presence stand out. The reality is even if your services are 100x better than another contractor’s, people searching for ac repair services on Google will never know. The online presence and quality of work have to match and stay in sync in order for new customers to find you. HVAC marketing strategies start and end with the road less traveled, which requires really understanding the target customer.


Visual SWOT Analysis


hvac marketing strategies swot analysis

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