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3 SEO Tactics to Build Website Traffic

build hvac seo website traffic
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website in 2022 is a great investment to make. SEO can build your site and your brand as an authority within your market. Not only will the results of great SEO benefit your prospective customers by letting them know how good you are, but it will also make the Google algorithm happy as well. Now, SEO techniques and tactics are different than paid advertising. SEO can be seen as an investment with a more developmental approach; where paid ads can get your message across to your customers almost instantly. HVAC SEO website traffic is real!

Benefits of HVAC SEO

drive traffic to website digital marketing social media management seo
Allow customers to find your website & make themselves at home

Free traffic

You’ll experience a push in website traffic when HVAC SEO is optimized and Google begins to see your website and business as an authority in the area. What if I told you, in the Southern Maryland area, none of your competitors take advantage of a well-written blog that provides prospective customers with valuable information related to their heating and air conditioning units? Or that no one is on YouTube building awareness? With an average cost of $10,000 a system, that’s an investment that they need to count on. If you don’t have the time, there are pen pushers like us that can do the job for you (just kidding, we do way more than push pens. This shit isn’t easy!)

If you do have the time, or know a friend or family member that will be willing to pitch in that can navigate the internet better than you, by all means, do it! It’s worth the investment. When the summer season is coming to a close and things start to slow down (assuming you were busy in the first place, if you weren’t, you may have to find another profession) there’s a lot of downtime to reshape and redesign your entire marketing approach.

Generate leads

The beautiful thing about people searching around for your services and who eventually land on your page (because you are the best company in the area and no one else deserves the visit!) is they are in search of something HVAC+R, plumbing, electrical, or skilled trade-related. With an organized and professional website powered by quality content and a clean, responsive website, that they get a great feeling from before they ever pick up the phone, you’re in a prime position to do something unique in your market.

If you have a marketing budget already, and you’re not utilizing SEO services, the time to do so is NOW. When correctly implemented, they can organically (that means FREE) drive traffic to your business and bring awareness to your services and brand. The following is a list of 3 free tactics to utilize when you’re sitting around the shop waiting for the phone to start ringing.

1. Sign Up With Google My Business

seo digital marketing services google my business
I say it all the time to clients and on our website, but Google My Business (GMB) is a vital social media channel that is JUST for a small business. The cost (free) makes it a valuable asset when considering the ROI for your marketing budget. HVAC SEO with GMB is a free and easy-to-use method.

GMB allows you to create a Google profile that lists your business on Google maps and shows customers your reviews, promotions, and photos all in one place. If you don’t have a website, that’s fine, but having a URL to show on your GMB profile is nothing short of professional and relevant in the new digital landscape. 

Many businesses are not using GMB, and you could make a faster search result from signing up now. The great thing is you can personalize it to attract new customers and to impress your current ones (word of mouth marketing comes in here). 

Get started with  Google My Business  today.

Ask for reviews

An easy and beneficial thing to also do for your Google business profile is asked past customers to leave you a review. If you have been in business for quite some time now, you probably have a lot of customers that are computer savvy and would love to leave you a thoughtful review (hopefully). Let’s look at how to do that from both a PC and a mobile device:


  1. Sign in to your GMB account
  2. Choose your location
  3. In the left menu, choose “Home
  4. In the “Get More Reviews” card, copy the short URL
  5. Send the URL to your customer

Mobile device

  1. Open the GMB mobile App (sign up and get it if you don’t have it!)
  2. Choose Customers > Reviews
  3. Choose the Share option
  4. Create a short name
  5. Copy the URL
  6. Send the URL to your customers
r.e. graves heating & air conditioning google reviews digital marketing services
Reviews look amazing from a Google search when customers are looking for service companies. If there are plenty of great reviews, you’ll have to disconnect your phone line (not a bad problem to have). The power of a great Google review will separate you from the competition. 

2. Create a Unique Blog, Vlog, or Podcast

create a blog vlog podcast digital marketing srevices
Google loves websites that have a lot of text and essentially provide a ton of value to their users. The more a website will make its users happy, the happier you’ll make Google in order to rank high on returned search results. The bottom line is if you want to build your brand and become the best in your area for what you do from a digital stance, you’ll have to incorporate a content strategy to attract new customers. With baby boomers getting no younger and millennials now becoming the prime age group for homeowners, they look to the internet to do things like find a reliable heating and air conditioning company or for someone to fix their leaking water pipes. Believe it or not, social sharing and mobile applications are what they’re using, not television ads and print ads to find services. Things are changing rapidly.

Creating a blog

A blog is an informative or entertaining post, such as this one (hopefully that’s agreed on), that shares insight and provides value to the reader. It can be leveraged to build awareness for what you do. A creative approach can positively impact the structure of the posts, such as how-to posts that feature images of finished jobs that show off your skills. The best part? Google has robots that will crawl the internet looking for that type of stuff and will reward you with a higher page ranking. That sounds weird, but it’s true. Google made $116 billion in 2018 (that’s BILLION with a B) on advertising revenue alone. Crazy stuff.

Creating a vlog

A vlog is simply a video version of the blog. Provide the same valuable content that you do in a blog, but it will help viewers connect with you more. When they start consuming your content, they’ll build trust with you, your brand, and your team without ever meeting or speaking with you. The best part? Your phone is a video recorder. Hit record and talk to your future customer base about how you’re better than the other guy. It’ll go a long way.

Ok, let’s run a test. I’ll type “best hvac business in Maryland” on YouTube and see what comes up for shits and giggles. Here it is:

best hvac business in maryland digital marketing seo services
Honestly, the searched phrase really doesn’t have great results. Michael Bonsby Heating and Air Conditioning got the top result, at 3K views, posted over 4 years ago. You can do better! Even though it looks like they hired a professional videographer, which is fine, you can get more views with more exciting content. Honestly. It’s all about getting there and engaging with people, providing them with something no one else does, and a skilled trade has great potential for it.

Creating a podcast

A podcast is a great opportunity to capitalize on your content. Podcasts are consumed by those who are on the go, always on the bus, driving, at work, where they can’t see content but hear it. You don’t require fancy equipment to start one. You can simply extract the audio from your vlog or create a new episode from scratch. Record yourself talking about the trade, talking about business, and you’ll start to attract a unique following. It will only expand your knowledge, industry contacts, and brand authority. It goes against the grain, but in order to be on top, you have to separate yourself from the crowd. How? Do something random like a podcast. 

Here’s a  great article  listing 5 podcasts for the skilled trades. Interesting thing is, it doesn’t list one for the HVAC+R Industry. Hmm… are you thinking what I’m thinking? Watch your HVAC SEO bloom over time.

3. Create a Facebook Post

create a facebook post free website traffic local seo digital marketing services
Engage customers with content
One of the cheapest ways to promote your business is to utilize Facebook. Most of you already have a personal Facebook account, but for those of you who don’t use it for your business, be ashamed! It’s free and with 2.5 billion users across the globe on a monthly basis, it’s worth your time. If you’re one of those people who hate Facebook and don’t believe in it, stop thinking that way. Trust me, I was there too at one point. I went on a 6-month long break from it just because I thought it was taking up too much of people’s time when they could be focusing on more valuable activities, opposed to shoving their face in a phone.

Social media = brand authority

The problem with that? I wasn’t thinking about how it benefits businesses. I now realize that Facebook and so many other platforms are becoming the global solution to marketing, and now is the time to jump on the train. The truth is that so many service businesses are making money off of Facebook advertising it was time to use the platform for good. The bottom line? It’s the future, and there’s a lot of money on the table. You just have to know how to leverage it. So, what do I mean when I create a Facebook post that can get you free traffic?

Simple. Create a post from your business page and boost it, choosing the option to drive views to your website. If your Facebook page has a lot of likes and followers, they’ll see your link and if your ad copy is interesting enough, they’ll visit your website and realize “wow, this company is impressive”. Or, if you choose, you can go against the flow of this post and throw some money at the ad to attract new customers that have never even heard of you in a short amount of time. I mean, that’s the purpose of growth, right?

A FREE Facebook Business Page paired up with a FREE Google My Business page are two must-have marketing apps for your business going into 2020.

I’m telling you, a website with great value will be known as an authority in your area. Put the work in and see what comes out of it! The power of digital marketing is second to none. The days of print advertising and running TV commercials at 2 am are far gone. Invest some time and do the research, companies that are on board continue to profit each and every day. HVAC SEO is the future of basic marketing tactics.


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