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Never Give Up – Never Arrive! Career Motivation


Arriving is Giving Up

Never give up, and never, ever arrive. What do I mean by that? Well, let’s take a look at the word arrive. This is some career motivation that aims to inspire the champion in you.

Arrive – Verb.
Reach a place at the end of a journey or a stage in a journey.

WOW. The power of the word arrive is quite transparent. Arriving is to end our journey, whether it’s getting somewhere in life, in our careers or just not wanting to keep going because something is hard, it’s the end of the journey. It’s simply giving up, and we should always keep moving forward no matter the resulting achievements. Careers that open up from earning degrees can sometimes seem like we made it, and there’s no reason to go back to school. We just did that, right!? Yes and no. You achieved a short term goal, but the dream must live in a space that never reaches a destination. It’s the journey that gives it all meaning and going back to school to further explore career opportunities, especially through company tuition reimbursement programs, is a tool that we all should capitalize on.

Why We Have the Desire to Arrive

Accepting salaries the way they are including potential (never guaranteed) annual increases is simply giving up. If we’re not constantly learning, constantly teaching others what we know and extending our desire to learn out to no limit then we can’t maximize life’s potential. We have to get a little uncomfortable and take chances that we once never thought were possible. The only way to grow is to step outside of our element and roll the dice.


Negative influences such as individuals who live within our daily circle can heavily impact our mindsets and our career motivation. When others say things can’t happen, we start to think it’s true that things can’t. But wait, they can, and they do every second all over the world. Why not participate in that success. The hold that negative people can have on others is a very strong force that takes complete control of the potential of many people. Thinking positive and embracing the present moment can help deter those forces, and will help retain focus when applying ourselves to the great things in life.

What Can We Do

We must remove ourselves from toxic personalities, or we quickly become consumed in their beliefs and doubts. It’s easy to deny possibilities because there’s a degree of hard work behind them. Remaining open to learning and discussion with others and analyzing their opinions and ideas can only strengthen our roles as leaders and influences. All through life, many say “I can’t wait to graduate, this took forever” or “I can’t wait to finish so I can relax”. They want to arrive, so the work, the learning will stop. Why? because it’s uncomfortable to always be working towards a goal, yet that mentality should be the complete opposite of how we feel. It’s never easy, but it’s achievable.

Never Give Up, Never Arrive

Always keep it moving. When we settle in and accept things, we never have the opportunity to learn. Life will become redundant and repetitive with change left out in the cold. We stay inside fooled by the cover of a warm, cozy atmosphere, yet the reality is that comfort limits possibilities. If you recently got a promotion, or a degree, or achieved some long or short term goal, take a little time to celebrate and make room for it in your life. Then map out the next goal and begin to work towards it. The more we play connect the dots with our goals, the more defined the dream of living will become. Never, ever arrive! Career motivation starts with your confidence in your professional abilities.

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