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Trent Williams Leaving Will Damage The Redskins’ Brand

trent williams trade or contract restructure
Recent news that Trent Williams, arguably one of the best left tackles in football, wants a trade or a restructured contract is surprising. I decided to write this article as a huge fan of the Washington Redskins and business owner that is always researching brand strategies and market research. Williams has gave Washington some wonderful years, and turning 31 soon, a new deal with two years remaining on the current one signed in 2015 may not be in the interest of the club moving forward. If Williams does get traded away or released (doubtful) it will hurt the Redskins brand and fan following. The Redskins brand is ranked as the 11th most valuable franchises in all of sports at 3.1 billion dollars. That’s a lot of money that can’t afford to decline over the loss of a Redskins great in Trent Williams. Some of you may be saying, “what are you talking about! It’s still one of the top franchises even after Kurt Cousins left!” You’re right. I spelled Kirk wrong as well. I’m aware of both.

The difference here?

All it takes is a small tap to knock a giant down after being leaned against for over 28 years (last Redskins super bowl appearance and victory). Trent is the small tap that can cause many fans to finally lose the little trust and loyalty they have in the team. Things were recently complicated in the Williams mandatory mini-camp holdout saga, with reports that he’s unhappy with the medical staff surrounding a medical issue regarding an offseason scalp surgery. That’s huge, and if things aren’t handled privately and the front office doesn’t take care of Williams and what he and his agent are asking for, the team can potentially suffer at such a distracting incident preparing for such an important 2019 season. There have been a few players asked about Williams, including his college teammate, friend and current teammate Adrian Peterson, that frankly are confused and surprised as well. Most comments lean towards stating this a business, and first and foremost Trent has to take care of himself. That’s 100% true. The verdict? If number 71 isn’t on the field on September 8th lined up against the Eagles, in Philly, blocking there top 5 defensive line the Redskins are in some deep trouble.  Pro bowl after pro bowl, his stats are consistent with the top offensive lineman in the league. Either Washington comes up with cash or the already struggling o-line will find themselves with a quality leader that gives all he has on the field every Sunday.

Direct team impact

What’s the most terrifying part in all this from the players perspective? Dwayne Haskins. Derrius Guice, and the rest of the rookies. Their development is dependent on a great offensive line that has a Trent Williams playing the most important position in the trenches. Being stuffed every run play or hurried every snap isn’t going to help them grow and prosper as NFL caliber players. Trent Williams will have a lot to do with that development, and his leadership isn’t something that can be thrown on some metrics and statistics sheet. Immeasurable presence and influence is why the front needs to quickly have a meeting with Williams and basically slide a blank check across their table. Sure, he has had some injury issues and is turning 31 in July, but right now the Redskins have no choice. Williams knows this too. There has to have been some talk within the organization for quite some time for it to get to this point. We, as fans, as always, arrive late to the party. We can only hope for a signature and a handshake.

The brand & Trent Williams

I’m not just some casual reporter that trickles in some engaging buzz words that highlight my knowledge of football in general in order to sell the idea that I know something about every player and team I follow. Not even close. I’m a life long Redskins fan that has watched every snap, every turnover, every bad read, missed tackle, stuffed run, floated ball and every other blunder that this team has had. I’ve also watched the amazing plays, great tackles, Adrian Peterson putting up 1k yards in burgundy & gold (still giddy about that one) and division winning touchdowns. I watched the time he slugged Richard Sherman for teasing the team and fans. That’s was a wonderful video. After being THE team with the most players placed on IR over the last two years, the club cant afford to lose a veteran like Williams. Sure, I played with the idea with trading him, read all the “bye Felecia” comments and read the articles revealing what the team can get, but none of that made sense. The only thing that does for the sake of this team is him on the field, find a way to get him what he wants.


The impact on the brand

My experience with FedEx field and seeing a sea of the wrong shade of red at the Atlanta Falcons game and watching the Eagles takeover the REDSKINS parking lot after an embarrassing loss is why this team’s brand will really feel the result of a missing modern day hog. Bottom line, the Washington Redskins, Jay Gruden and coaching staff, Mr. Movie Theatre Yacht guy, George Allen’s son and most importantly, this fan base wont fare well after another 7-9, 6-10, 3-10, hell even 8-8 season or even a 9-7 with a missed playoff appearance. The team is on thin ice for so many reasons. The name, Rueben Foster, Mason Foster, and now Trent Williams? uncle. I can’t take it anymore. I look forward to waking up and reading one day soon that a new deal was reached. Until then, fingers are crossed.

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