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8 Things an Effective Website Needs

What websites need

By: Marquis Rawls

Content Creator


In the age of technology and information, having an effective website for your business is almost essential. An online headquarter for anyone who fostered an interest in your company and brand. But just having a website isn’t enough to improve your business. One must include many aspects of information encoded within your online presence. Here are the important must have tabs/categories your online website needs.

state your effective website mission objectives digital marketing services

 Every effective website needs to display its mission and objective. When a client researches your business the first piece of information they look for is your mission and objective. What do you want to accomplish and what drives you and the business? Future employees also want to know to see if your goal aligns with theirs.
list services effective website design digital marketing services
 Secondly, you have to have a category for your product and/or services. The most useless websites I’ve seen in my life are ones that don’t tell you what they provide in detail. Not having this is basically pointless to the cause of having an online presence. Also, include pricing and deals if offered.
include a contact page effective website design digital marketing services
 Next, you need a contact page. When customers or clients need assistance they want to contact the company directly for assistance. I know this is, in some way, losing its shine due to people contacting businesses on social media platforms like Twitter. But the amount of social media mentions a business can get is massive and most aren’t even problems or related to a customer having an issue. People who use your websites contact page will always be customers with issues, or related interest, making it easier to solve them and getting to understand what your consumer base wants.
careers page to have an effective website
 Have a careers page. Being a recent grad, I greatly value when a business has a career page. It allows talented and skilled workers to apply directly with the company. The company then can choose the best employees and ones that are passionate about your brand, and every company desire employees who are loyal customers as well.
clearly have links for social media website design digital marketing services
 Social Media information is a must have in the world of social media. This can be just a small icon placed on the top and bottom of the home page instead of an entire page. It enables customers, potential employees, and clients to connect with the brand. Building an effective website will go great with a strong social media presence.

create an about us page digital marketing tips website design

 For smaller businesses having a page dedicated to the founders and how the business began is crucial. Small businesses are greatly rated based on founders and executives. They are the beating heart, giving life to every department of the business. Also, people love a success story, so if you have a great one filled with passion and hard work, it will boost your company image tremendously. 
create a blog effective website design digital marketing services
 Having a blog/press page is also great for the company image. It lets all visitors of your site that major media brands deemed you worthy enough to gain coverage and notoriety. It also shows the brand in a positive image. Do not ever put anything negative on the blog/press page.
list your accomplishments effective website design digital marketing services
 Last but not least awards were won and nominations. When you win a prestigious award, employee morale boosts, clients trust in your boosts, and existing customers tend to spend more money and recommend people to your services or product. Plus it should be something you’re proud of. You worked hard and have gained recognition for it, show it off to everyone who has an interest in your business.  Building an effective website will establish your online brand and identity.
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