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Why Is Branding Important? 5 Reasons to Start Now

why is branding important
Why is branding important? Long run versus short run. That’s what separates quality from quantity, and just how invested and caring you are as a business. It’s easy to pursue things making the most sense from a financial standpoint, but protecting your brand and making decisions that shape your company’s reputation can be far more beneficial. When it comes to really set yourself apart from the competition and communicating with customers, branding is essential.

Delivering Your Value

What does your company do? Does it simply complete a job and collect payment? Or does so much more go into ensuring quality and establishing market authority? Customers understanding that your efforts and intentions are solely focused on them is what can really pull a business ahead. There are so many companies to choose from regarding a particular service or product. When a customer contacts you for something, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? How can we serve this customer? That’s all, how can we serve them and how can we do it so well that they come back and spread the word. Focusing on how much can we make from them can damage a reputation fast. The focus must be on how much we can do for them. Setting yourself apart by offering quality and honesty can go a long way and will encourage them to come back because you’ve just made a customer for life.

Separation From The Competition

It’s easy to be just like all others companies. You can offer similar services and products and have the mentality of whoever markets better wins. It takes a truly innovative company to create value and promise to win over the trust and dependence of a loyal customer base. seperating form the compeitionYour brand is created from delivering great experiences and keeping your promise. You become the number one choice in your market. It’s what makes your logo mean something, not the colors of it or how slick it looks. When someone sees your logo, they need to remember how you made them feel prior, during, and following the interaction. Experiences and trust outweigh expensive promotions and discounted offerings. Branding and marketing are two different things entirely and must be kept separate when building a reputation. 

Amplify Word of Mouth Marketing

In all businesses, but particularly the service industry, word-of-mouth marketing is amazingly powerful. It historically, currently, and in the future will remain the most powerful form of marketing. Consumers trust their friends and family when things are referred to them about a business. They tend to spread the word of a great service when they themselves have experienced great service. It’s just the way we as humans are designed. No matter how technical and advanced our computers and smartphones get, word-of-mouth marketing will always be cherished as a reputable and powerful form of marketing. The way digital marketing is structured proves how it’s used just to help amplify the power of word of mouth.

amplify word of mouth marketing through brand

Social media ads, for example, can help generate conversation about a business, which generates the distribution of reviews by current and past customers. Their friends and family see the review, they spread the word and the message is once again delivered via word of mouth marketing. The difference? It’s done faster through digital means. Building and maintaining a strong brand starts and ends with real customer experiences. It’s enhanced by visually-pleasing websites, Facebook posts, logos, and graphic design, but is only communicated through trust. Branding on social media is about creating awareness surrounding your company’s core values, not how much of a discount potential buyers can get.

Strong Definition of Your Market Authority

The only thing that creates a reputation regarding your company’s products or services is the consumer. They hold the power to create positive and negative reviews, spread word-of-mouth marketing, and make the choice to come back to you or choose a competitor. Your company’s position in the market all depends on how customers perceive and what they do with your brand. They can either enhance its image through positive engagement or damage its reputation with negative feedback and buyer beware reviews.

Emotional Connections

Creating loyal customers is done so by establishing a connection with their intent and often, their emotions. When you’re selling products or delivering services that mean something to them, there’s a natural feeling of emotion that’s tied to the process. If your industry is B2C then you could be selling them something that they use with their family or something that will upgrade something in their home. making emotional connections with customers through strong brandingA remodeled kitchen or basement can spark the emotion of excitement. Selling products that are safe for their children, provide feelings of calm and relief.  If you’re in the B2B space, then doing something to help another company grow can provide feelings of happiness and gratitude. Emotion is a natural, embraced part of life and is no different in the business and commerce world. People are making transactions to satisfy deeper desires, intentions, and motives that aren’t surface deep. All of these emotions condense into the most important feeling, trust. Having a strong brand that’s built from firm values and beliefs will become more beneficially and effective than short-term profit.

Building The Best Team

Once you’re the premier choice in your market for your product or service, your name and logo will start to resonate with everyone. creating a team from brand positioningPerspective customers and potential employees will start to view your company in a whole new way. Finding and keeping good talent is difficult. With a strong brand that communicates solid values and a clear mission, finding that talent becomes easier. Mutual goals will become defined with job candidates and continuity will be created and distributed. This will help to form great teams, dynamic leadership, and visionary decision making.

Wrapping Up

Branding a business is done through patient and effective efforts. Nothing about business is overnight, and building a branding strategy is no exception. Taking time to develop a solid brand positioningstrategy is an investment that will produce solid, actionable results. Understanding what problem your product and/or services can solve while making and keeping a promise to your customers is key. Once your customers start to know why you’re the best in your market, the more they’ll start to see your company the way you’ve always wanted them to. The best.

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Ronnie Lee Roberts II is a brand and marketing super fan and owner & operator of Roberts Consulting Firm. He writes about marketing, leadership, and business.

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